MediaSpace is a cloud-based video management platform developed by Kaltura (similar to YouTube). MediaSpace converts and optimizes uploaded media for hassle-free distribution on the web via links, embed codes, and/or direct integration with Canvas.

As questions arise, we will continue to build up the Support and Help sections. Support will be used for videos while the Help page will contain written instructions and documentation. Please email [email protected] to request instructions or report problems with the service.

How do I log into MediaSpace?

You will need your Berry Email Address and Password.

To login to MediaSpace:

  1. Visit in your favorite web browser.
  2. You will find the link to 'Login' in the upper right corner of MediaSpace below 'Guest'.
  3. At the login page, enter your full Berry Email Address ([email protected]) and Password and click 'login'.
  4. After logging into MediaSpace, the page will appear the same. However, you will now be able to successfully access your content under 'My Media' and other various areas that require a Berry login.
    • Don't forget to logout (using the link in the upper right corner) when you're finished using MediaSpace.

How do I install Kaltura's recording tool?

Click here for instructions

How do I upload and share media in my Canvas courses?

Click here for instructions